3 Completely Free Adsense Themes for WordPress

Out of the thousands of free WordPress themes available, which ones are the best for click-through, ad impressions, and other metrics which are important for display advertising services such as Google Adsense? Navigating the world of free WordPress themes can be a daunting task sometimes due to the sheer quantity of options available. Here are three completely free Adsense optimized WordPress themes for you to choose from!

Boldr Adsense Theme

This beautiful WordPress template is optimized for banner ads with four possible banner positions as well as an included sidebar. Boldr is part of the WordPress theme directory and thus is completely free for personal use.



The Boldr theme is ideal for informational blogs or niche sites, especially those with a sports, construction, or industrial theme. I have found that Google’s own Adsense plugin for WordPress works well with this theme, and the ad placement looks very natural.

SimpleNotes Adsense Theme

SimpleNotes is a free WordPress theme which uses a minimalist approach. It has very clean lines, as well as a clean black-and-white aesthetic. This means that Adsense blocks will not look out of place next to the site content. This should also increase ad clicks and CPM due to the nature of the layout and color palette.



If your site is content or photo heavy, I recommend using SimpleNotes as it is a strong contender for free Adsense-optimized themes in the WordPress universe. Its modern aesthetic makes it worth trying out this theme on its own!

Whimsical Love Adsense Theme

The Whimsical Love WordPress theme is ideally suited to niche sites focused on cooking, baking, parenting, crafts, or related topics. Not only does it have a cute design, it also has many opportunities for ad spots.



While this WordPress template is likely more niche than the other two, I think that Whimsical Love makes a great candidate for the right Adsense site. Its custom fonts and fun background make it a great choice for your next content site.